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DMCA Copyright and Trademark Removal Services


We can assist you by removing any copyright & trademark infringement online with our streamlined process.

Has your original idea, content, or intellectual property been stolen or misused? We maybe able to help. We specialize in removing content that infringes on our client’s copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property!

What is Intellectual Property?

It is not just the hard assets of your business that are worth protecting. Sometimes the most valuable property a company has are its ideas. This is often termed ‘intellectual property’ or IP. As with other assets, there are different types of IP, and each has its own legal definitions and protections.

What is Copyright?

Copyright is a legal term for the protection of original work. This original work can apply to many works, including both creative work and more technical documentation. The copyrights of original authorship are protected in the US Constitution, and apply automatically at the time the work is created.

Legally, any original written document qualifies for a copyright. This means that any written work, such as scripts, business plans, written web content, or manuscripts is your intellectual property upon which you hold the copyrights.

Other types of creative work also qualify. For example, any songs, novels, plays, or even commercial productions are original works. This extends to other possible works created by you or your company. For example, both architectural designs and computer software are considered copyrightable work by the US government.

Whats the difference between Copyrights & Trademarks?

It is important to know the difference between Copyrights and Trademarks. A trademark is much more specific. Usually, a company will have its name, logo, or slogan trademarked. Essentially, this legal protection applies to anything that identifies your business or product and sets it apart from the competition. This can include anything from a formal name to a certain color scheme. Brand names, specific product names, website names, slogans or catch-phrases, and even specific sounds can be trademarked.

Unlike the legal system for copyrighting, the process of trademarking intellectual property is not automatic. A trademark must be applied for by a business which seeks to protect certain advertising or branding IP. Trademarks are actually regulated by the same department which oversees patents, and they are granted in a similar manner.

Rest assured, however, that once you have trademarked your intellectual property, it is fully protected under the law. Anyone who uses your slogans, logos, or brand names without your permission may be guilty of infringement.

What is Infringement?

In the most basic terms, infringement occurs whenever someone else uses your or your business’ intellectual product without permission. This usage can be anything from having a similar logo to actually stealing copyrighted work and passing it off as their own. In any case, the infringing party needs to be brought to justice.

In terms of copyrighted material, infringement occurs whenever the protected works are used without permission. This could include reproducing and distributing texts or creative works. Oftentimes, this manifests as originally-written web content being copied and displayed on another company’s website. Infringement also occurs when proprietary code or software is appropriated and used by a competitor. All of this represents wanton theft of intellectual property, a crime which could be extremely damaging to your bottom-line.

In terms of trademarked material, infringement can occur both purposefully and accidentally. Another company stealing a slogan or a product name is a clear example of infringement. However, competitors can also accidentally create branding content that is too close to existing trademarked property.

Is it possible to remove the content?

When your copyrighted or trademarked material is displayed online, it may seem that removal is all but impossible. You may have heard that when something is placed online, it is there forever. This is simply untrue! The internet is not a lawless environment, and removal of offending content is absolutely an option if a competitor has been unlawfully using your intellectual property.

There are legal and technical ways in which illegal content can be removed from the web. Our content removal services apply not only to offending webpages, videos, and other content, but also to search results as well. Those who skirt the law and violate your intellectual property should not profit from it, and we can help make things right.

Why should you protect your intellectual property?

Intellectual property may be intangible, but it is certainly not valueless. Obvious examples of copyrightable materials include written documents, computer code, and original schematics. If a competitor uses these proprietary creations to make money, they are essentially stealing value from your business. Every cent a competitor makes from stolen IP is lost income from the deserving owner. Trademark infringement can be just as damaging. The purpose of trademarking is to distinguish your company, product, or brand from the competition. If another firm infringes upon this protected branding, intangible damage to your brand occurs.

How can I get this removed today?

If your intellectual property, whether it be copyrighted or trademarked material, has been used without your permission, you owe it to yourself and your business to remove it from the web as soon as possible.

Has someone stolen your content?

We can help you remove it quickly and restore your online reputation. Get in touch with one of our experts today!