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Image and Video Removal Services

We can assist you by removing any personal, copyright or trademarked images and videos online with our proven process.

Has your image or video been stolen or misused? We maybe able to help. We specialize in removing content that infringes on our client’s personal rights, copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property!

Can you remove embarrassing photo?

We get a lot of clients coming to us with embarrassing old photos that resurface online. They can ruin careers, a businesses reputation and a families personal life. We have assisted people from all walks of life to remove these quickly.

My blog content has been reproduced, how can I stop this?

If your blog has been copied without consent we can assist you in removing the content and also registering you as the author of the content so that you are protected consistently.

My trademark is being used without concent and I need it removed, can you assist?

If your trademark is being used without consent on a review platform, website, blog etc we can cut the removal time and impact on your personal or business brand. We currently look after numerous people in the fitness, car, finance, insurance and banking sectors.

I am being targeted by revenge porn from an ex partner, can you remove quickly?

We have a timely process on delivering results in the removal of revenge porn. We have looked after both men and women and 1 in 5 Australians get targeted. We are here to protect that 20% from needless embarrassment and professional problems.

Someone has uploaded my video to aN Adult website, can you help?

If you find your personal pictures or videos on an adult website we can assist you in achieving removal of the content. It’s something we see very often and our professionals are easy to talk to. You will find coming to adequate solution far more painless than first imagined as we understand this can happen to anybody at anytime. We all have the right to keep out private life private and we greatly respect you as our client.

My stolen images and videos are appearing on fake account saying its me & I need assistance?

We look after a lot of celebrities on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, now more than ever people are targeting the business and personal sector. We have a process that takes all the heartache and worry out of dealing with accounts that seek to impersonate our clients. If you have set up a new account and want to remove old accounts we have a removal process to cater for that to.

Is it even possible to remove the content?

It may seem that removal is all but impossible. You may have heard that when something is placed online, it is there forever. This is simply untrue! The internet is not a lawless environment, and removal of offending content is absolutely an option if a competitor has been unlawfully using your intellectual property.

There are legal and technical ways in which illegal content can be removed from the web. Our content removal services apply not only to offending webpages, videos, and other content, but also to search results as well. Those who skirt the law and violate your intellectual property should not profit from it, and we can help make things right.

How can I get this removed today?

If your images or videos are being used without your permission, you owe it to yourself and your business to remove it from the web as soon as possible. Get in touch above.

Are images or videos posted online causing you issues?

Get them removed today by speaking with one of our experts.