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Website and Webpage Removal Services


We can assist you by removing any website or webpage that infringes on your rights as an individual or business with our proven process.

Has your content, or intellectual property been stolen or misused? Is there a website that defames you online, has someone created a hate page against you or your business? We maybe able to help. We specialize in removing content that infringes on our client’s rights, copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property!

What type of websites and webpages can be removed?

We can remove websites and web pages if they personally defame you or your business, infringe on your copyright or trademark, impersonate you or your business, share personal images or videos, are involved in revenge porn, if hate speech is involved or if they are involved in cyber abuse issues.

How long does the removal process take?

Sometimes we can remove in 24-48 hours and others can take 6 months. There are a whole number of factors that affect the removal timescale and in truth there is not concrete answer as every case is so vastly different. It depends on which third party host or website the content has to be removed from. Once we place an application to remove content we allow the third party 2 to 3 weeks to provide adequate response to our content removal request. First we ask and when appropriate we tell a host to remove content. Most content removal happens within 1-4 months.

Whats other types of content can you remove?

We can remove eBook’s, PDF’s, forum posts, groups, mugshots, bank details, phone numbers, addresses etc. Not every single thing online is removable however from ou experience we will only take on content removal if we feel its removable i.e if Jenny Swann leaves a Google Review saying “my tea was cold and my toast wasn’t done how I like it” then it’s fair to say it’s not treatable content. However if Jenny Swann says “LIAR, RIPOFF, FRAUD” it would more than likely warrant an application.

Is it possible to remove the content?

You may have heard that when something is placed online, it is there forever. This is simply untrue! The internet is not a lawless environment, and removal of offending content is absolutely an option if a competitor has been unlawfully using your intellectual property.

There are legal and technical ways in which illegal content can be removed from the web. Our content removal services apply not only to offending webpages, videos, and other content, but also to search results as well. Those who skirt the law and violate your intellectual property should not profit from it, and we can help make things right.

Our solution

Our content removal services work with offending online platforms that are guilty of hosting illegal content that has no right to be published in the public domain. Every case we take on is individual and requires a tailored solution at our end but we wanted to make our pricing structure simple to understand. We will discuss your circumstances in detail and if we choose to work with you, we will take the time to investigate the fact and your legal rights in relation to online publication. Our processes for online content removal are tried and tested and provide our clients with fast, effective and cost sensitive solutions. We have an enviable reputation in successfully removing damaging online content.

How can I get this removed today?

If a webpage, website or other online content is affecting you then you owe it to yourself and your business to remove it from the web as soon as possible.

Do you need a website or webpage pulled down?

Is there a website or webpage that is damaging you or your businesses online reputation, costing you money in the process? Tackle it today by getting in touch with one of our experts!