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Online Impersonation Account Removal Services


We can assist you by removing any impersonated social accounts, groups and pages with our proven process.

Have you been impersonated on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another social media platform? We may be able to help. We specialize in removing content that impersonates our client’s!

What is online impersonation?

One of the most common phenomena today that we’ve seen a lot of inspired entertainment for is MTV’s Catfish where the main thing it offers is the subject of impersonation. This form of entertainment is tricky, risky and controversial for many reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that you can ruin someone else’s reputation when you do this as a form of product for everyone to enjoy or consume. People want to protect their privacy and will do all their best to make sure that their reputation won’t get destroyed.

It doesn’t take long for someone impersonating you or your business to do massive amount of damage to your reputation!

What counts as impersonation?

For an accused party to be guilty of online impersonating, there has to be individual requirements and forms of malice. They also have to be able to use a false persona that is made to cause you not only harm but also fraud. One example is when the impersonator pretends that he is your long-lost family member and he wants to get in touch to trick you into making a purchase.

It’s also tricky to distinguish whether the act is a parody or a malicious impersonator’s deception. There are parody laws in the United States that make it easy for artists to impersonate famous public figures, and that won’t constitute a criminal act. If a person who is impersonating you will use the parody excuse, it will be hard, unless you’re a celebrity, although not impossible, to establish the case. Even if the parody was for fun, it would not be immune to accusations of malicious intent. There has to be a clear consensus on whether the satire offers the societal benefit or it’s something that is just made to defraud or humiliate a person.

Type of online impersonation?

The broad categories in impersonating online that can happen online are varied. However, here are some of the more common ones:
1. Harassment – this kind of bullying is meant to cause harm or threaten you with any accusation or blackmail.

2. Defamation – this impersonating is used to spread false and damaging information about your reputation and integrity.

3. False Light – this is the lightest form of impersonating, and it’s a complicated one because it’s misleading and hard to defend. It involves impersonation a person by presenting information that is designed to be harmful to the impersonated character.

4. Professional Impersonating – this type of act involves pretending to act as a public servant or officer to gain an advantage over something. One example is by pretending to be a detective agent to get what you want.

Our solution to online impersonation?

Let us fight your online battles! As we do this day in day out it makes more sense to take the stress out of your impersonation problems and in trust our proven methods of resolution. We have seen how impersonation can affect people and businesses. You do not have to stress Content Removal are here to help you.

Is it possible to remove the content?

When you’re being impersonated online, it may seem that removal is all but impossible. You may have heard that when something is placed online, it is there forever. This is simply untrue! The internet is not a lawless environment, and removal of offending content is absolutely an option if a competitor has been unlawfully using your intellectual property.

There are legal and technical ways in which illegal content can be removed from the web. Our content removal services apply not only to offending webpages, videos, and other content, but also to search results as well. Those who skirt the law and violate your intellectual property should not profit from it, and we can help make things right.

How can I get this removed today?

If you’re worried about online impersonation, you owe it to yourself and your business to remove it from the web as soon as possible.

Impersonation Costing You or your Business?

Your personal and business reputation matters. Speak to an expert today to clean up your image.