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Google is the new first impression! Improve your online reputation by removing unfair content!

We help you remove unwanted online content thats damaging towards you and your business.

We Improve Your Online Reputation – Everytime

Use our online reputation management services to successfully tackle existing problems with online content as well as monitor future issues that may arise.

We treat negative search results, images, videos, impersonation, hacked accounts, cyber abuse, defamation, website takedowns as well as copyright and trademark infringement.

Allow us to implement our proven content removal process to your business, and watch your marketing budget go further.

Boost Effect

We boost your personal or business image by removing bad links allowing your great content to rise in the search results naturally over time.

Improve Your ROI

We make sure that your personal & business brand has a great online reputation that encourages others to want to do business with you.

Results Driven

Together we define your goals. We  take care of applications and the process so you can focus on growing your business. Fast!


Why was Content Removal created?

We wanted to create a service “To give every single individual and business the ability to remove unfair content online. Then make that process effortless, stress free and streamlined!”

Our Process – Online Content Removal

We’ve successfully dealt with all situations: search results, news articles, complaints, stalkers, attack sites, blogs, forums, mugshots, civil legal documents, government links, pdfs, pictures, videos, and more.

Not everything that exists online is removable, however we lead the way in removing difficult online content.

1 Define Goal

Step 1 is to define your goal. It could be to remove content from Google, pull down a website and more. We use our proven techniques to increase your current online reputation.

2 Design & Build

Step 2 is to create the tailored applications required to remove online content. We design your applications, write the copy and implement. All you need to focus on is managing your business.

3 Tried & Tested

Step 3 is where the magic happens. We always launch two applications as a minimum. One to the host of the specified content and one to the search engine. Then we work to achieve removal.

Look Your Best In The Search Results

Before they do business with you they will Google you! Your most valuable asset is your reputation. Don’t let one bad event ruin it.

Content Removal were in my corner from the first bell. When you have the biggest fight of your life infront of you against Jeff Horn for the WBO World Title, worrying about your online reputation is the furthest thing from your mind.

Content Removal took care of everything. Even though we didn’t get the win in the ring the journey was amazing! Thanks again and I will be back stronger in 2018!

Gary Corcoran – Pro Boxer – WBO World Title Challenger

Online Reputation Case Study

A highly successful Instagram influencer reached out to Content Removal to help repair their online reputation as they were being attacked by a former associate. Upon review over 60 links with hundreds of pages of content were found to be running through the first 10 pages of the Google search under their name.

The types of content included blogs, defamatory websites, photos, Facebook pages, Instagram accounts and a whole manner of other sites. We put together a plan to tackle this content over 30 days explaining to our client which specific content was most harmful to their personal and business brand.

Over the following 7 days over 50 links were removed from the Google search results and 45 of the pages and websites were pulled down at source.  In 7 days Content Removal had alleviated the stress and anguish caused by online abuse that had previously gone unresolved for 3 years and was causing the client to lose potential media and sponsorship deals.


INCREASE in Social Proof & online Reputation

Content Removal show a level of professionalism and compassion, that is hard to find in this world. Online harassment, and defamation, happen too often to innocent people. I was stuck as to where to go to get help with this.

Content Removal contacted me, and within 7 days had everything back to the way it should be, they were professional, and successful in protecting my name, brand and image. They are trustworthy, honest and very efficient with time.

I highly recommend ContentRemoval.com, and aside from their amazing work, I have gained a friends within their team.

Brinkley Davies, Pro Surfer & Marine Biologist

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Reputations Matter!

Your best asset online is your reputation. Don’t let someone ruin whats taken you years to build!

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