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We are an online content removal agency that helps individuals and businesses worldwide tackle unwanted online content. We treat negative search results, images, videos, impersonation, hacked accounts, cyber abuse, revenge porn, website takedowns as well as copyright and trademark infringement.

Allow us to implement our proven content removal process to your business, and watch your marketing budget go further.


Content Removal

Content Removal

Our content removal services work with offending online platforms that are guilty of hosting illegal content that has no right to be published in the public domain.


Account Recovery

Account Recovery

 Having a personal or business account hacked can happen to anyone at anytime. We can recover your accounts and limit your exposure to an abuse of your content.


Reputation Management

Reputation Management

We're experts at cleaning up one time problems but our best work is done by working with you over the long term to defend your right to a healthy and sustainable online reputation.


Content Monitoring

Content Monitoring

Our enhanced service offering for content monitoring is specifically designed for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition. Our clients are market leaders for a reason; they invest carefully in protecting and guarding their online reputations, knowing the digital age has well and truly arrived!


Content Research

Content Research

Extensive research shows many businesses do not know what is being said about them online or where and when online conversations are taking place that affect their ability to attract new business.


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Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. We are always on hand to support our clients via email team@contentremoval.com or phone 1300 438 743


Some Epic Things about Us!

Wallet Friendly

 Our packages suit all price points and make it easier than ever to access our service offering. Our guarantee just sweetens up our whole process giving you the cherry on top! 

Weekly Updates

We keep you up to date on where we are at every stage of our processes, so you can be safe in the knowledge you'll be the first to know when we get you a win. 

24/7 Support

We are reachable, we know that you will want to reach us so make the whole process so easy that everyones a winner! email and phone support is available should you need us.


Proven Results!

We have many happy clients and are happy to provide references of our proven results!

Epic Service Offering

 We offer 5 tailored services, Content Removal, Content Monitoring, Content Research, Account Recovery and Repuation Management. We are constantly working on how we can give you even more services and solutions. 

We Love What We Do!

It makes its a hell of a lot easier to do what we do as a service provider when the whole team wants to win and win BIG! We are commited to delivery!


We make it Simple

We wanted to make our services and solutions easily available to everyone from Top 200 Companies to Mel the local hairdresser and we have certainly done that.


We want to give you an amazing customer experience. We want to impress you so much that you go from being a customer to a regular client.


We made the brand the phone number. Simple and effective! We are reachable by 1300 438 743 or by email. You will never wait more than 24hrs for a response from our team.

Love What We Do

We are very passionate people at Content Removal. We love what we do and are totally focused on delivering results! We have an extraordinary way of doing business.

Proven Results! 

We offer proven solutions to the problems facing both indivduals and businesses online. Our solutions have assisted clients in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to affordable solutions that deliver the right result! 

Person in Every 5 are targeted by revenge porn

Million Australians would like to remove some form of online content

Million businesses in Australia want to know about us

HOURS of Worry we save you from


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