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Cyber Abuse Removal Services


We can assist you by removing any online cyber abuse with our proven process. Are you being bullied or harassed online? Want to remove nasty online content written about you? We maybe able to help. We specialize in removing content that infringes on our client’s online rights!

What is cyber abuse?

Cyber abuse is the most prominent threat facing online users across the globe. It refers to the use of internet and other telecommunication devices to stalk, threaten, or harass a person. Online abuse covers more than the mere annoyance caused by unsolicited email. It’s premeditated, obstinate, and wary. Communications don’t come after the affected party has asked the sender to stop. The unwanted contents are always filled with disturbing and sometimes inappropriate content. In extension, online abuse is an extension of the physical form of bullying.

Alarming facts on cyber abuse?

A rigorous, thorough, and weighty report released in 2016 by the cyberbullying research center discusses the effects of this practice in depth. 33 % of students aged between 12-17 yrs are victims of online abuse. Conversely, 11.5% of students indicated that they had been a part of cyberbullying in their lifetime. Unlike the traditional bullying, cyberbullying is more dangerous as it happens 24/7. Victim-wise, it has no escape. It’s not limited to schools or a given playground. With kids mainly connecting through social media, there is no option for them to go offline. It can affect children and adults alike, no one is immune from cyber abuse.

Why cyber abuse is becoming more common?

The only thing that an online bully needs for the abuse is access to the internet through a computer. With vast amounts of personal information available through the internet, getting the details of a given user is as easy as a mouse click or keystroke away. Information is about power and individuals who engage in online abuse are all about abusing power and control. On the internet, security is limited.

Turning a computer on can expose anyone to cyberbullying. Anyone who uses the internet is susceptible to online abuse regardless of his or her age or gender. Vulnerability increases in spaces where internet users interact most with others. These include social media, internet chat lines, message groups, newsgroups, and other platforms where users post information back and forth.

Common platforms cyber abuse take place?

You don’t have to look very far to find a case of cyber abuse on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These 3 platforms are not the only sites where abuse can happen either, however due to there user bases it’s more common than you may of imagined and something we regularly tackle for our clients. The Queensland Times reported almost one in five Australian teens have been victim to cyber bullying.

Is it possible to remove the content?

When you face cyber abuse, it may seem that removal is all but impossible. You may have heard that when something is placed online, it is there forever. This is simply untrue! The internet is not a lawless environment, and removal of offending content is absolutely an option, no one deserves to unfairly targeted online.

There are legal and technical ways in which illegal content can be removed from the web. Our content removal services apply not only to offending webpages, videos, and other content, but also to search results as well. Those who skirt the law and violate your rights and we can help make things right.

How can I get this removed today?

If you are a victim of cyber abuse on any social media platform, you owe it to yourself and your business to remove it from the web as soon as possible.

Are you being abused online?

Don’t except online abuse! Get in touch with our experts today to find out how to protect yourself online!